How to make the perfect impression.

Put your best bite forward.

To ensure best results, please read all instructions before getting started on your impression.

1. Mix the putty.

Channel your inner Play Doh roller to combine the “Base” with the “Catalyst”. When the colors are mixed in, roll it into a cylinder.
Note: Compound will dry quickly once combined. Don’t mix for more than 30 seconds.

2. Shape to tray.

Bend the cylinder into a “U” shape, and insert into the Lower tray. As the compound will begin setting rapidly, this should take no more than 30 seconds.

3. Press gently.

Gently press the Lower Tray into lower teeth until you can feel the compound harden. You’ll want to push hard enough to fully imprint your teeth in the material, but not so hard that you bite through it. Set a timer for 2 minutes, and maintain this hold. 

4. Repeat Steps 1-3 for the Upper Tray.

5. Seal the impressions.

Wash both of the imprinted trays with cool water. Put both trays into the supplied biohazard bag, and add it into the envelope.

6. Mail it back to us.

Seal the return envelope, and drop it off at a nearby USPS Store or drop box location. On average, it takes about six (6) business days for the impressions to make it back to Jently HQ.

7. Wait for your made-for-comfort Jently to arrive.

Once we’ve received your impressions, your uniquely customized Jently night guard should arrive back on your doorstep within 7-14 business days.

How it's made.

The key to our success is that we utilize the latest in 3D printing technology. Once we receive the impressions back from a client and scanned into our design software, we get to work analyzing the data. This allows us to determine the many characteristics of your unique bite, such as the opening angle of the jaw, and the wear pattern on individual teeth.

These little tidbits of information are critical in ensuring a comfortable, effective fit. Many leading night guards don’t take all this data into account, which leads to painful, uncomfortable, and ultimately unused night guard.

Ready to get started?

Answer a few basic questions in our Jently Fit Finder to help us find which thickness will work best for your unique bite. Or, if you already know what you want skip the quiz.