Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a night guard?

Common symptoms associated with teeth grinding (AKA Bruxism) are:

-Waking up with a dull headache, with pain typically radiating from the temples.

-Flattened, fractured, chipped, or loose teeth.

-Increased tooth pain or sensitivity.

-Tired or tight jaw muscles, or even a locked jaw (inability to open or close properly)

-Jaw, neck, or face pain/soreness.

-Sleep disruption.

What is the difference between a Jently night guard and an over-the-counter night guard?

Jently night guards are customized to match your unique bite, through our impression process. Over-the-counter night guard’s are mass produced with a “one-size fits all” mentality. 

How thick is a Jently night guard?

It depends on if you are experiencing severe teeth grinding, or are a more mild teeth grinder. The more severe teeth grinding you experience, would typically lead to a thicker night guard in order to absorb the heavier force. However, if you know you prefer a thinner night guard, we happily will adjust the thickness to fit your needs, with no impact on price. 

Is a Jently night guard any different than one from a dentist?

We use the same process that many dentists use to ensure our night guards are customized for your unique bite. However, your dentist is diagnosing you as a patient through in-person chair time. We don’t claim to diagnose bruxism, but merely offer a path to acquiring the same professional grade protection at a fraction of the cost.

How do I clean my night guard?

We recommend brushing your Jently night guard thoroughly every night prior to use. During the day, when not in use, it should be left to soak in water. Additional deep cleaning instructions can be found here:

What is your return policy?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee for the first 120 days for every Jently night guard sold. In order to process your refund, we do require the night guard to be shipped back to our facility. For more information, contact

What happens if my night guard doesn’t fit properly?

Although rare, we have you covered. If our night guard doesn’t fit properly, please email us at: We will ensure that you get a new impression kit and print you a new guard - all free of charge.

I sent in my impressions - When can I expect my Jently night guard?

Once we receive your impressions, it takes us between 7-14 business days to get the custom-fit night guard finalized and shipped. In very rare instances, we might experience slightly longer delays, but rest assured that our team is hard at work to ship out every Jently night guard as quickly as possible.

Whoops! I accidentally sent in a bad impression.

Accidents happen. We’ll send you a second impression kit, free of charge. Mess up again? No worries! We’ll keep sending them to you until you get one that perfectly matches your bite. Feel free to reach out to us at

How long does it take to get a Jently night guard?

Within 7 business days of ordering, your impression kit will arrive at your door. Once you take your impressions and ship them back to us, your uniquely customized Jently night guard will be on its way back to you within 7-14 business days. In very rare instances, we might experience slightly longer delays, but rest assured that our team is hard at work to ship out every Jently night guard as quickly as possible.

What material is used in a Jently night guard?

Each Jently is made from KeySplint soft clear resin, which is recognized as a best-in-class material for dental night guards. Each night guard is made from FDA approved materials.

I’m a heavy grinder - can I get a thicker night guard?

Certainly! The Jently Fit Finder serves to help guide you towards the material type appropriate for your mouth. If you are still concerned about it being too thin, we are more than happy to increase the thickness further.

Does Jently accept HSA (Health Spending Account) and FSA (Flex Spending Account) payments?

Yes we do! HSA/FSA credit cards are accepted for your Jently night guard. If you encounter any issues when using your HSA/FSA card, note that you can use a regular credit card, and then submit the receipt for reimbursement to your HSA/FSA.

What if the teeth impression I take isn’t clear enough?

The vast majority of our customer’s teeth impressions turn out perfect the first time. However, there are occasions where we feel a redo impression is necessary to ensure the most comfort and best fit. In these instances, we work with you and send you any additional impression materials free of charge. Contact us at: